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Kleaner™ - The Hi-Tech Cleaning Goo For Sensitive Electronic Equipment - FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

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If your electronics could talk, they would beg you to clean them.

Pet hair, dust and food particles ruin not only your keyboard, but virtually any sensitive electronic equipment. 

But with this hi-tech cleaning compound you can absorb all the dirt from your devices, eliminate 100% of the germs and prolong their lifespan.

Get between all the cracks and pull out the dust and dirt. It is safe for sensitive equipment and is re-useable.

Plus it's really satisfying to use it and a great alternative to inefficient vacuums and messy compressed air.

✔ Pulls out 100% of the dirt in your electronic device
✔ Safe for sensitive equipment
✔ Can also be used on precious jewellery & handbags
✔ Reusable and efficient
✔ Great for the obsessive cleaner inside you
✔ We will send a random color.



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