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PetPedicure - Trim your cats nails in secret with zero problems! (Free Worldwide Shipping!)

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PetPedicure is a great product for anyone with a cat who hates getting its nails trimmed, this product is the best product on the market to make your cat feel safe, secure and most importantly it eliminates any future fear for your cat when it's time to clip again.
If you've tried to trim your cats nails before you know it can sometimes seem impossible, your cat may run away and hide, hiss at you, swat your hand away or even worse scratch your arms or face in an attempt out of fear.
This little electric nail trimmer solves all those problems, it's basically like giving your cat a very nice relaxing pedicure, they get pleasure from it and may even look forward to having their nails clipped again in the future!
The product itself softly grinds your cats nails and causes no pain or any stress to your cat, they won't even notice that anything is taking place most of the time so no more anxiety for your furry friend and no more deep arm scratches for you.
This product is very simple to use by just hitting the on/off switch, it keeps your cats nails rounded and smooth which is unlike any other product on the market which normally clip your cats nails which can cause unwanted distress and pain for your cat.
The PetPedicure is a painless solution to a common problem and because of the soft trimming motion it won't leave a mess all over your floor for you to clean up, it's also super quiet so your cat won't be scared off by any loud noises, you could even use this product when your cat is taking its day time nap without it even waking up. 
This product is very versatile and has multiple settings, you can use it on your dog or any other small animals because of the multiple sized trimming pads, this is the ultimate product for trimming your cats nails any making it an enjoyable and fearless process for both you and your furry friend/s.
**Please note this product requires 2 AA Batteries (NOT SUPPLIED with this order).

✓ Trim your cats nails in secret
✓ Feels like a pedicure for your cat, they love it
✓ Easy to use, just flip a switch
✓ No pain or stress for your cat during the trimming process
✓ Very quiet, no scary noises to startle your cat
✓ Cat no longer runs away, hisses, swats or even scratches
✓ Has multiple settings so can also be used on dogs and other smaller animals
✓ Makes the entire trimming process fearless for both you and your cat
✓ Free Worldwide Airmail Shipping


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