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SparingSponge™ - The Silicone Applicator Sponge That Doesn’t Eat Up Any Of Your Makeup - FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

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Your greedy sponge applicator consumes more than half of your makeup. It’s time to put an end to its reign and try this amazing silicone sponge!

This sponge is a makeup vegan – it doesn’t consume any, doesn’t soak it and it certainly doesn’t harbour breakout-causing bacteria. You can clean it easily with just soap and water and re-use it anytime.

Longer-lasting makeup bottles, less breakouts and more free time for you!

✔ Hypoallergenic & non-porous
✔ Doesn’t harbour bacteria & prevents breakouts
✔ Easy to use and even easier to clean
✔ Helps you save money



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